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Xinhua News Agency
China Building First Container Dock for Yangtze Shipping

Work is progressing on southwest China's first container dock in the city of Chongqing, which has the biggest port on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River.

The national project covers a 73,800-sq.m. area and consists of two 1,000-ton berths, one of which can handle 50,000 TEUs annually, and the other 300,000 tons of various other goods a year.

By the time the dock goes into operation in about three years, 1,000-ton ships from the river's lower reaches will be able to pass the Three Gorges Project and go to Chongqing.

Date: 06/14/99

China Daily
Auto part firm set up in Suzhou

ZF Friedrichshafen Ag, one of the world's leading suppliers of drive products for commercial vehicles, has established its first wholly owned company in Suzhou, in East China's Jiangsu Province.

Located in the Suzhou Industrial Park, ZF Drive Tech (Suzhou) Co Ltd went into operation late last week and will become the first full system supplier in China dedicated to the bus and coach segment.

Total investment for the first phase totals 10 million German marks (US$5.36 million). Major products will include manual transmission, axles, and steering and suspension parts for buses.

German-based ZF has already been involved in a number of facilities in Shanghai, Beijing, and Liuzhou in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

"But we have not reached the end of our development in China," said ZF's chief executive officer Klaus Bleyer. "We will continue to increase our investment in China."

The Suzhou company will go into full assembly operation next month.

In addition to automotive and manual transmissions, steering systems and chassis components, ZF will supply complete systems and system modules.

In 1998, it sold US$83 million worth of products in China while sales value is expected to exceed US$100 million in the near future.

Date: 06/15/99

Shanghai Daily
Private Schools Mushrooming in Shanghai

Wu Peifang, headmaster of Shanghai's first private primary school after liberation, gathered with her colleagues at Jian Xiang Primary School to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Wu said, "There were few public school when the new government comes to power." "Ying Zhuyi, Jiang Jinglong and I collected RMB30.00 yuan each in addition to RMB10.00 yuan from a policeman, we set up a private school." She added, "The situation was terrible at first. The classroom was in the garage and the lanes were the students' playgrounds. After half a year's effort, parents changed their attitudes and accepted us." Now everything is different. There are 159 private high schools and primary schools in Shanghai with 74,428 students. The equipment and facilities of many private schools is better than public schools. New Huang Pu Experimental School has a computer interface system while Tong Zhou Model School has a first class music hall. Furthermore, their teaching quality is second to none.

Now education is attracting different kinds of investment. It supplements the lack of a financial budget and pushes the local education level up a grade.

Ms. Wu has a desire to set up a private school again in Pudong New Area and bring up a new generation.

Date: 06/14/99
Author: Jiang Jingen

Dalian Daily
A Speech Contest in Chinese for Foreigners

"On hearing the bombing of NATO on the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia, I was much indignant and sad. But American people are friendly and I felt the same friendliness here in Dalian, in China. I love China, I love Dalian." Wang Feng, an American teacher working in Liaoning Normal University said in Chinese in a speech contest held in the afternoon of June 13.

The speech contest is named "International Trade Cup ", the first of its kind ever held in Dalian. 25 foreigners from eight countries such as Japan, America, Korea, Canada, Russia entered the final contest among over 100 competitors. The speechmakers, either he is a 66-year-old Japanese elder or a 5-year-old Korean child, expressed in their speech their worshipping of the long and splendid Chinese culture and liking of Dalian.

Han Youyou, a Japanese girl told people of her feelings after seeing "Little Soldier- Zhang Ga", a Chinese film depicting the fighting of Chinese people to the aggression of Japanese during the Anti-Japanese War. She said, "the Japanese militarists have committed unbelievable crimes in China, but I have never heard about it in Japan. It is here in China that I know the truth. All my Chinese friends are friendly to me, they only hate Japanese militarism, not the Japanese people. I have fell in deep love with China and Chinese people. When I grow up, I will be a diplomat to make contributions to the friend relationship between China and Japan."

Wu Tingyuan, a Korean student studying at Dalian University of Foreign Languages, Zhang Zhiyuan, a Korean in Dalian No1 School and Han Youyou studying at Baiyuanxincun Primary School won first in three respective groups, i.e. the institute group, society group and primary school group.

Vice-mayor Li Yongjin hoped the contest will be held each year to help improve international exchange.

Date: 06/14/99