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Jiang Urges Promotion of SOE Reform and Development

A1.jpg (19787 bytes)  Chinese President Jiang Zemin has called on the whole country to emancipate mind and seek truth from facts to push forward the reform and development of China's State-owned enterprises (SOEs).

  Jiang, who is also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the call during an August 10- 15 inspection of some SOEs in northeast China's Liaoning Province, a traditional heavy industrial base.

  Jiang termed the SOE reform and development a crucial and cross-century strategic target under the current international and domestic situation, which was set forth at the 15th National CPC Congress and must be well carried out.

  He disclosed that the major issue will be put on top of the agenda at the Fourth Plenum of the 15th CPC Central Committee, which will be held in autumn this year.

  The whole Party and all the people should be completely aware of the importance and urgency of the SOE reform and development, as well as of their long-term and protracted nature, Jiang stressed.

  He called on the whole Party and nation to continue to emancipate mind, seek truth from facts, press ahead despite difficulties and be keen on reform so as to bring the SOEs that are full of vitality into the 21st century.

  During his inspection tour, Jiang was accompanied by Wu Bangguo, Vice-Premier, and Zeng Qinghong, an alternate member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and member of the CPC Central Committee Secretariat, as well as local leaders.

  Liaoning has a large number of big and medium-sized SOEs, which are facing golden chances of development under the current socialist market-driven economic system.

  Since the beginning of this year, most of these SOEs and firms with their main shares controlled by the state, have made profits for the first time hanks to their efforts to press ahead despite hardships. The Chinese leader spoke highly of this when he was briefed on the successes Liaoning has achieved.

  The SOEs Jiang inspected included the Dalian Shipyard, the Anshan Iron and Steel Group, the Shenyang N0. 1 Machine Tools Plant, a real estate management company, an electronic information company and an aircraft manufacturer.

  During his inspection tour, Jiang talked with workers, urging them to play their key role as the principal force in China's economic reform.

  The Chinese leader also urged SOEs to dare to participate in international competition to develop themselves and upgrade their technology and equipment in line with advanced international and domestic norms.

  While he was shown around in a software firm which was started by a group of young scientists and technicians, the Chinese president said that science and technology constitute the primary productive forces, and great efforts must be made to accelerate scientific and technological advance and innovations in order to improve China's comprehensive national strength and ensure the sustainable, fast and healthy growth of the national economy. He called on the country's young scientists and technicians and other youngsters to throw themselves into the cause of developing science and technology and contribute to invigorating the country.(Xinhua-PD)

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