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Innovations Needed in Science, Technology: Jiang

  Chinese President Jiang Zemin has called for greater efforts in developing new ideas and making use of scientific know-how to step up the country's modernization.

  He said that China's goals for the socialist modernization drive in the new century require efforts to carry out the strategy of revitalizing the country by relying on science and education and by making innovations in science and technology.

  The remark came during Jiang's visit to the Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in Dalian, on August 20.

  During the visit, he said that a greater effort needs to be made in science and technology and this has strategic significance for China's economic development, social advancement, national defense, and the standard of living.

  People need to work harder in spreading scientific knowledge and improving the level of science and culture of the whole nation, which will provide a basis for scientific advancement and technological innovation, he said, pointing to the fact that there is still a struggle between science and superstition, and civilization and fatuous ideas even though there have been great developments in science and technology.

  Scientific truth can play a role and educate people only in the struggle against superstition and fatuity, while pseudoscientific ideas and malicious heresies preached by a few people need to be fought, said Jiang, who also encouraged scientists to be responsible for expanding scientific awareness.

  The Institute of Chemical Physics was founded in 1949 in the coastal city of Dalian in Liaoning Province, northeast China, and has become a comprehensive chemical research base with several key laboratories doing major research.

  Jiang visited four key labs there and heard reports from CAS head Lu Yongxiang and the Institute's head Deng Maicun on the national knowledge-based innovation program. (Xinhua)

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