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Chinese President Calls for Increasing Capability of Enterprises

  Chinese President Jiang Zemin aired his views on enhancing business capability for self-development and international competition at a dialogue meeting in Auckland on September12 between leaders of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum and the APEC Business Advisory Council.

  Jiang said that enterprises are the principal driving force behind economic development. If an enterprise wishes to fare successfully amid fierce competition in the face of challenges posed by economic globalization and knowledge-based economy, it must increase its capability for self-development and international competition.

  Jiang said: "In this regard, I would like to make a few remarks:

  --Paying greater attention to the development of human resources. It is important to cultivate entrepreneurs with a caliber for international commerce and global operational strategies. The makings of entrepreneurs have become an important factor that boosts the development of modern enterprises and economic growth. The Integrated Plan of Action for SME Development and the Kuala Lumpur Action Program on Skills Development in APEC have targeted the training of entrepreneurs as a priority area for APEC cooperation.

  --Establishing and perfecting the modern enterprise system, and improving the management of enterprises. All enterprises have experienced the ordeal of the Asian financial crisis that erupted two years ago. Structural readjustment, improvement in management and the establishment of the modern enterprise system have become an urgent task facing enterprises. It is hoped that the business community will improve its profitability and adaptability through institutional innovations.

  --Strengthening economic and technical cooperation and promoting the innovation-making capacity of enterprises. Scientific research and development and technological innovation have become an important instrument for enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. The APEC Agenda for Science and Technology Industrial Cooperation into the 21st Century has defined the principles and framework for the cooperation of enterprises. I hope more enterprises of APEC members will deepen their cooperation in the industry of science and technology by means of this mechanism." (Xinhua)

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