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Jiang Meets Peruvian President

peru.jpg (16892 bytes)Chinese President Jiang Zemin and his Peruvian counterpart, Alberto Fujimori, met on September 12 and exchanged views on bilateral relations and issues of common concern.

  The meeting took place on the sidelines of the seventh informal meeting of leaders of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum.

  Jiang said that since his meeting with Fujimori last November, friendly and cooperative relations between the two countries have progressed steadily in various fields through joint efforts.

  The Sino-Peruvian political ties have become closer with frequent exchange of visits and contacts between leaders of the two countries, the Chinese president said. Trade and economic cooperation is very fruitful and Peru has become one of China's major trade partners in Latin America and one of the largest recipients of Chinese investment.

  On international arenas, Jiang said, the two countries lend support to each other through close cooperation.

  The Chinese president thanked Fujimori for Peru's support to China at the UN conference on human rights in Geneva and for the sympathy and condolences conveyed by Fujimori and the Peruvian government to the Chinese people over the NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade.

  As to China's entry into the WTO, Jiang said China has adopted a positive but principled attitude and that the principles he expounded at the first informal meeting of APEC leaders in Seattle in 1993 remain unchanged.

  The Chinese president also briefed Fujimori on China's position on the Taiwan issue and appreciated Peru's adherence to the "one China" policy.

  Meanwhile, Fujimori strongly condemned the NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy which resulted in heavy casualties and expressed condolences again to the Chinese people.

  Because Peru and China share common views on human rights, Peru has always supported China at the annual UN conference on human rights in Geneva, the Peruvian president said.

  He supported China's efforts for an early accession to the WTO. (Xinhua)

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