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Chinese President Meets US Visitors

  Chinese President Jiang Zemin September 27 expressed his hope that Time Warner Inc. of the United States will play an active role in promoting the healthy and stable development of Sino-US ties in the next century.

  During his meeting with Gerald Levin, chairman and CEO of the company, Jiang said that with the rapid advancement of information technology, the news media will have more important bearing on social life and relations between the two countries.

  As one of the world's major media groups, Time Warner Inc. can do much to push forward understanding between the peoples of different countries.

  Time Warner Inc. is the parent company of Fortune magazine, which is sponsoring the '99 Fortune Global Forum in Shanghai, China's largest industrial city.

  Levin gave a briefing on a China tour, Visions of China, hosted by Fortune magazine for the launching of the forum, saying that the tour has allowed the company to understand China more deeply. He spoke highly of the social progress and economic development China has achieved in recent years.

  He told Jiang that this was the first time his group held this year's board meeting outside the United States, and it is of great symbolic value that the meeting was held in Shanghai.

  "Seeing is believing," Jiang said, adding that through the China tour, of which a series of programs are now being presented on Time Warner's CNN TV network, the company can have a more realistic view of China's reality.

  Levin said that after the forum and the tour, the media of Time Warner will likely issue more positive reports on China. (Xinhua)

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