10 Questions Sent To Clinton
Senate Republicans sent President Clinton Monday 10 written questions concerning the Monica Lewinsky case...
  Lewinsky Sticks by Story
Lewinsky told House prosecutors she stands by her grand jury testimony ...

Dismissal Motion Debated
Amid a flurry of efforts to cut short the impeachment trial, the Senate is meeting behind closed doors to debate a motion to dismiss the proceedings...


Trial Enters Key Phase
Sydney Blumenthal, Vernon Jordan and Monica Lewinsky are included in a truncated list of potential witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial.

Senators seek Blumenthal perjury probe

Senate rejects call for live testimony

Senate votes on final trial schedule

Lewinsky quizzed

Prosecutors: Be 'accountable'

Now the Defense Begins

Clinton Breaks Silence on Trial, Lewinsky Rebuffs Trial Prosecutors

Clinton pays off Paula Jones

House Case Under Fire

Dueling Trial Motions Issued

Clinton To Give State Of Union Talk Despite Trial

DNA'Disproves Clinton Paternity Claim'

Trial Back on Track

Rehnquist Presides Over Senate Impeachment Trial

Senators Sworn in for Trial

Poll: Punish Clinton, Don't Remove Him

Senate vows speedy resolution

President vows to remain in office

Clinton impeached; Senate trial next

House Passes Two of Four Articles of Impeachment

House Impeaches Clinton

U.S. House Impeaches Clinton for Perjury, Obstruction of Justice