Li Lanqing --
Standing Committee Member
of CPC Politburo

Li Lanqing, a noted foreign trade expert, todaywas promoted from a member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committeeof the Communist Party of China (CPC) to a member of its Standing Committeeat the First Plenary Session of the 15th Party Central Committee here.

Li served as vice minister of Foreign Trade andEconomic Cooperation and deputy secretary of its Leading Party Group, ministerand secretary of its Leading Party Group between 1986 and 1993.

After 1993, Li was a vice premier of the StateCouncil in charge of international and domestic trade, education and otherwork. His bold pioneering spirit, sure and steady work style, large-mindednessand remarkable achievements in these areas won wide acclaim inside andoutside the Party.

Li Lanqing was born in 1932 in Zhenjiang Cityin east China's Jiangsu Province. He graduated from Shanghai's Fudan Universityin 1952 and joined the CPC in the same year.

During 1956-57, he worked as a trainee at Moscow'sLiharchev and Gorky Automotive Works in the then Soviet Union. Sourcesclose to Li said that he was an open-minded, pragmatic and enterprisingofficial with a deep technical background. After his return, he workedin the First Auto Works in Changchun, northeast China, as chief of itsplanning section.

He then worked in the State Economic Commissionfirst as a secretary to the minister and then as a section chief.

Later he successively served as deputy chief ofthe Planning Division and first secretary of the Party Committee of theEngine Plant of the Second Auto Works in Hubei Province; deputy commanderof the headquarters for the construction of the Third Auto Works; chiefof the Government Loan Office under the Administrative Commission of ForeignInvestment, director of the Foreign Investment Administration of the Ministryof Foreign Economic Relations and Trade (MOFERT), vice-mayor of Tianjin,MOFERT vice minister and deputy secretary of its leading Party group, MOFERTminister and secretary of its leading Party group, and deputy directorof the State Council's Economic and Trade Office, and alternate memberof the 13th CPC Central Committee.

Li is seen as having a quick mind, broad visions,and strong abilities of leadership and macro-policy decision making.

In 1991, Li worked as MOFERT minister and sooncreated a new situation in China's foreign trade. After taking office asvice-minister, Li remained active in formulating and implementing China'sforeign trade policy, in particular in such fields as restructuring theforeign trade system and utilizing overseas capital. The fruitful workof MOFERT ensured a steady and rapid growth of China's foreign trade. Theutilization of overseas capital also registered notable progress, makingthe country one of the largest utilizers of overseas capital among developingeconomies.

Li Lanqing has attended many government-leveltrade negotiations in recent years, and also a key member often appearingin the key state activities or state visits by the Chinese leaders to foreigncountries. His ability to cope with thorny problems and sense of humorearned him a good name from people of various circles.

Li is also one of the key figures who initiatedthe state policy of "developing China by relying on science and technology."He won praise from intellectuals for his efforts to reform China's educationsystem, increase education funds and seek solutions to such problems assalaries of teachers.

Early in the 1950s when he worked in the FirstAuto Works, Li learned English by himself. While receiving training inMoscow, Li learned to speak Russian. His hobbies include calligraphy,