Ministers and Directors
of Departments Under State Council

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Tang Jiaxuan

Minister of National Defense

Chi Haotian (concurrently)

Minister in charge of State Development Planning Commission

Zeng Peiyan

Minister in charge of State Economic and Trade Commission

Sheng Huaren

Minister of Education

Chen Zhili (female)

Minister of Science and Technology

Zhu Lilan (female)

Minister in charge of Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense

Liu Jibin

Minister in charge of State Ethnic Affairs Commission

Li Dezhu (Korean)

Minister of Public Security

Jia Chunwang

Minister of State Security

Xu Yongyue

Minister of Supervision

He Yong

Minister of Civil Affairs

Doje Cering (Tibetan)

Minister of Justice

Gao Changli

Minister of Finance

Xiang Huaicheng

Minister of Personnel

Song Defu

Minister of Labor and Social Security

Zhang Zuoji

Minister of Land and Resources

Zhou Yongkang

Minister of Construction

Yu Zhengsheng

Minister of Railways

Fu Zhihuan

Minister of Communications

Huang Zhendong

Minister of Information Industry

Wu Jichuan

Minister of Water Resources

Wang Shucheng

Minister of Agriculture

Chen Yaobang

Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Co-operation

Shi Guangsheng

Minister of Culture

Sun Jiazheng

Minister of Health

Zhang Wenkang

Minister in charge of State Family Planning Commission

Zhang Weiqing

Governor of People's Bank of China

Dai Xianglong

Auditor-general of National Audit Office

Li Jinhua


General Administration of Customs

Director: Qian Guanlin

State Administration of Taxation

Director: Jin Renqing

State Environmental Protection Administration

Minister: Xie Zhenhua

Civil Aviation Administration of China

Director: Chen Guangyi

State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television

Minister: Tian Congming

State Sport General Administration

Director: Wu Shaozu

State Statistic Bureau

Director: Liu Hong

State Administration for Industry and Commerce

Director:Wang Zhongfu

State Press and Publication Administration

Director: Yu Youxian

State Forestry Bureau

Director: Wang Zhibao

State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision

Director: Li Chuanqing


State Drug Administration

Director: Zheng Xiaoyu

State Intellectual Property Office

Director: Gao Lulin National Tourism Administration

Director: He Guangwei

State Administration for Religious Affairs

Director: Ye Xiaowen

Counsellor's Office under the State Council

Director: Xu Zhijian

Bureau of Government Offices Administration

Director: Jiao Huancheng


Foreign Affairs Office

Director: Liu Huaqiu

Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs

Director: Guo Dongpuo

Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office

Director: Liao Hui

Legislative Affairs Office

Director: Yang Jingyu

State Economic Restructuring Office

Director:Liu Zhougli

Research Office

Director: Gui Shiyong

Information Office

Director: Zhao Qizheng

Taiwan Affairs Office

Director: Chen Yunlin

Xinhua News Agency

Director: Guo Chaoren

Chinese Academy of Sciences

President: Lu Yongxiang

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

President: Li Tieying Chinese Academy of Engineering

President: Zhu Guangya

Development Reasearch Center

Director: Wang Mengkui

National School of Administration

President: Wang Zhongyu

Institutions State Seismological Bureau

Director: Chen Zhangli

China Meteorological Administration

Director: Wen Kegang

China Securities Regulatory Commission

Chairman: Zhou Zhengqing

Bureaus Supervised by Commissions and Ministries

State Coal Industry Bureau

Director: Zhang Baomin

State Machine-Building Industry Bureau

Director: Shao Qihui

State Metallurgical Industry Bureau

Director:Wang Wanbin

State Internal Trade Bureau

Director:Yang Shude

State Light Industry Bureau

Director:Chen Shineng

State Textile Industry Bureau

Director: Du Yuzhou

State Petrochemical Industry Bureau

Director: Li Yongwu

State Postal Bureau

Director: Liu Liqing

State Grain Reserve Bureau

Director: Gao Tiesheng

State Coal Oceanography Bureau

Director: Zhang Dengyi

State Bureau of Surveying & Mapping

Director:Jin Xiangwen

State Bureau of Cultural Relics

Director: Zhang Wenbin

State Administration for Foreign Exchange

Director: Wu Xiaoling

State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs

Director: Wan Xueyuan

State Administration for the Inspection of Import and Export Commodities

Director: Tian Runzhi

State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau

Director: Ni Yijin

State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Director: Zhang Wenkang